About Us

We love running Ned Ludd, a small wood-fired restaurant in Portland, Oregon. We’re able to cook good food for good people seven days a week. But when a thousand square feet of space became vacant behind our restaurant, we just couldn’t resist. For so long we had dreamed of a gathering space. A place where we could open our doors and grow with our community through shared ideas and events. Elder Hall is a place to gather, throw a party or host a special event.  A place where you can spend time with your family, friends and favorite people; break bread and drink good wine. We hope you’ll join us!

Our Team

Elder Hall is made up of a small team of commited individuals who are passionate, above all, about craft. We're a group of chefs and bartenders, artisans and makers who came together with a shared vision of creating a collaborative community in Oregon.  We wanted a space where we could gather around the table and share stories, learn a thing or two, eat good food and drink great wine with our community. So come share our space with us and let us craft a memorable event with you.




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