Sunday, August 2

Sapori Regionali : Slow Food Supper Series Veneto

12:00PM - 3:00PM | $85.00
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Join us August 2nd for the second of our 3 part Sapori Regionali : Slow Food Supper Series. Each regional Italian supper offers a multi-sensory experience that transports you to another place while displaying the global aspects of shared food at the table. In August we focus on Veneto. There's much more to the region of Veneto than the famous gondoliers in the canals of Venice. Located in northeastern portion of the boot, this region connects the Adriatic to Austria is home to one of the most unique and diverse palates of Italy. Rich heritage merges with humble ingredients in Veneto-land of rice producing deltas, vineyards, agricultural flatlands, and one of the most dramatic mountainscapes. Known for its Prosecco, Bardolino, Soave, and Valpolicella- wines of Veneto pair perfectly with the regional traditional dishes of radicchio, gnocchi, risotto, beans, and polenta. The Veneto region is full of contrast: venison carpaccio from the mighty Dolomiti Mountains to the enchanting canals of Venice, sea scallops with goose prosciutto to black squid ink risotto of the Adriatic Sea and frittata with hops from Lake Garda. During the meal we will expand upon the Slow Food movement and what it means for global food culture as well as the impact it has on Italian Regional food and wine.  Elder Hall invites you to join Jason French of Ned Ludd/Elder Hall and Astrid Ensign of Taste of Italy as they immerse you in the wine and food culture of Regional Italy, highlighting Tuscany in the Spring, Veneto in Summer, and Sicily in the Fall. Each dinner in the series will pair wines from the region with food inspired by the region all sourced and produced in the Pacific NW. Through this series we hope to connect you with Slow Food, the amazing growers and producers in our area and create meaningful cultural connections via culinary experiences.

6 courses with regional wine pairings

$85 (gratuity included) 


baccala` mantecato e polenta
codfish mousse with grilled polenta
+ sarde in saor
marinated sardines “saor”
carpaccio di capriolo e radicchio di treviso rosso tardivo
venison carpaccio and treviso radicchio
risotto nero
squid ink risotto with octopus
anatra alla vallesana
duck with herbs and anchovy sauce
radicchio al forno con asiago e balsamico
baked radicchio with asiago and aged balsamic
torta sabbiosa e semifreddo al olio d'oliva e frutti di bosco
polenta cake and olive oil semifreddo with fresh raspberries/blackberries

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