Ned Ludd

Ned Ludd is an American Craft Kitchen adjacent to Elder Hall in the historic King Neighborhood of Northeast Portland, Oregon. Named after the 18th-century British anti-industrial folk legend, from which the term 'Luddite' springs, we pay homage to forgotten hand-crafted techniques and the European roots of great food and drink. Our goal is to work simply and preserve the spirit of the process so we still believe in the value of traditional, small batch, craft cookery.  We take the time to source each of our products and are committed to sustainable food ways and the best ingredients. We work with a community of passionate food producers, importers and makers to ensure a memorable experience. Our hope is that the restaurant is a vehicle between our patrons and producers that will foster a spirit of craftsmanship and conviviality within our community.

Our kitchen lovingly prepares home-style foods inspired by traditional global food ways. Cooking from our only real heat source, a brick-faced, wood-fired oven, the menu is thoughtful and considered daily. We value the tradition and process of craft cooking. From butchering our meats to canning summer tomatoes, we make nearly everything from scratch. Pickles, mustard, chili sauce, jams and jellies, fresh charcuterie and breads all made in house with ingredients from our friendly farmers and purveyors. Every plate is an expression of the Northwest seasons, and a celebration of the bounty of Oregon.  Filled with the glow of the fire and surrounded by copper pots, gnarled limbs, wooden stumps, ceramic chickens and a host of kitchen artifacts we hope the restaurant feels familiar or maybe even a bit like home.

3925 NE MLK Blvd. 
Portland, OR 97212 (503) 288-6900

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