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Alchemist Creator Workshop

Time to gather 'round the table when Anna Vasquez is in the Hall. 



The designer behind Nested Yellow jewelry brought her creative energy and metalsmithng knowledge to Elder Hall for our Creator Workshop series.

Anna made the tools and techniques of the trade accessible to our group of jewelry-making novices.

She explained the basics of metalforming and soldering. Then everyone got down to business under her watchful eye.

After all that attention to detail with metals, everyone gathered around the table again. This time to focus on sharing food and wine. Chef Jason French and staff created a lovely meal and everyone got a chance to admire each other's handmade treasures.

We host and offer private Creator Workshops. Click HERE for all the details.

Nested Yellow Jewlery// Photos by Robert J. Hill

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SOLD OUT 2019 Pre-Harvest Wine Dinner w/ Goodfellow Family Cellars

a collaboration w/ Ned Ludd American Craft Kitchen & Marcus Goodfellow, of Goodfellow Family Cellars end of Summer ode to the harvest of this year's vintage, while enjoying wines of vintages past.

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