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Private Pizza Workshop

There are few foods that can satisfy quite like pizza. And if you thought it wasn’t possible to replicate the taste of your favorite pizza joint at home, Sarah Minnick of Lovely’s 50/50 showed a group at Elder Hall how it's possible. 

Sarah explained the steps to making two types of pizza dough and the importance of a slow rise.

Fresh produce made for a few unexpectedly delicious pizza toppings, along with a variety of cheeses beyond your typical mozzarella.

After a lesson in the the best shaping and stretching techniques, everyone got started on their own pizza projects.

With a few adjustments, a home oven can provide the heat to get that blistered, chewy crust everyone loves.

Thanks for breaking it all down, Sarah.  To book your very own private pizza workshop please click HERE

Lovely's 50/50 // 4039 NE Mississppi // Portland, OR  // Photos by Emily Hill

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Low Country Seafood Boil

Join us for our first Summertime Seafood Boil! Ned Ludd's culinary team will be serving southern style Local Crab, Clams, Spiced Shrimp, Haus Smoked Sausage, Cheddar Bay Biscuits, and more! In Low Country fashion, you can expect southern & cajun flavors, live music, newspaper-lined supper tables, and sticky fingers. Local wine, buckets of beer and mason jar cocktails will be available for purchase as well! 

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