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Coming together over good food, good wine and good company is our reason for being – or raison d'être if you’re feeling fancy. Elder Hall is an extension of our desire to connect community with food, and our recent Suppenacht proved that it’s an excellent reason to get people together. 

Joined by our friend John Gorham, chef and cookbook author behind Toro Bravo (among other Portland favorites), we had a full house. Guests were eager for a night of in-depth conversation over a warming meal of soup and bread. Our own Chef Jason French was on hand to introduce John and kick off a night of lively discussion, including the creative satisfaction of conceiving and building up his restaurants. 

We have more get-togethers planned in 2017. Check in with us often to get the latest news on our workshops and info on how to sign up.

Our thanks to John Gorham// Photos by Robert J. Hill


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